Mysterious Little Black Book: An Overview/Review

Although I love them dearly, Moleskine notebooks are just so darn expensive and like Black Cover, I’m always looking for a cheaper alternative. So when I walked into my local Officeworks this afternoon needing a journal, I decided to give this little guy a go.

As you can see in the photo above, the cover is a plain ordinary black. It has a sort of vinyl feel to it, so I’m assuming that’s what it’s made of. From memory, the notebook also comes in pink, green and dark blue; with sizes ranging from A6 to A4, the above being A5.

It’s little bit flexible, which is kind of normal being a softcover and all. It doesn’t bend too well however, so if you’re the kind of person who likes to keep books in pockets I advise you to buy a bag or  just get the A6 version.

The above comparison is with my other notebook (the one from Ikea that I keep all my delicious vegan recipes in), and as you can see it’s not as thick, however it may contain the same amount of pages. My estimate is around 96-128, give or take.null

You probably can’t see it too well, but the inside cover has little plus marks patterned all over. I think this is to make it more appealing to males, as when I had a look at the pink version, there were hearts all over the inside of that one. null

The first actual page has a fairly large horizontal margin space at the top, which I dislike, but the rest of the lines are spaced nicely. I haven’t yet tested the paper by writing, although the paper does feel very thin and not a great quality, so fountain pens are a no go unless you don’t mind bleeding. Otherwise, it’s up to the trusty ballpoint Bic.

It most definitely does not live up the the moleskine variety, however it’s not bad if you’re really desperate. I’d save those pennies and go for a real Moleskine or even maybe a Ciak. I paid AU$6.99, regular price is AU$9.99 (A5 version). Available from Officeworks.


One Response to “Mysterious Little Black Book: An Overview/Review”

  1. Dean Says:

    Hey! I thought that was a pretty good review, I think you covered everything, and it’s a good resource to know know which books to get 🙂

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