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CBCA Book Week 2009

August 17, 2009

This Saturday, August 22 marks the start of the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s 64th Annual book week. According to the CBCA website, book week is the longest running children’s festival in Australia, and it widely celebrated in primary school and public libraries across the country. Each year has a theme (this year’s is ‘Safari’), and usually there are activities for kids, and sort of shortlist of books that are advertised/recommended in a way. I remember back to my primary school days, where we were read books by the librarian, there’s be drawings from popular children’s books like Franklin, or The Chronicles of Narnia, and at lunchtime there’d be a rotation of various activities to do with certain books and other cool stuff. They were wonderful days for me, being quite the book nerd as a child (and still am).

So, in celebration of these childhood memories, and also in celebration of Children’s Book Week, this Saturday, I’ll be starting a week long posting of my favourite kids books; a mini review and explanation of why I like them. This will run until the last day of book week, Saturday August 29. So please, stay tuned!


First Post, Introductions, etc.

July 13, 2009

Hello, and welcome to The Notebook Chronicle!

This is just an introductory post, to let you all know what kind of things you can expect in this blog. It’s a literary blog; with your standard book reviews, read-a-longs, stationery information and reviews, and all around general tips and features. NC will be updated as regularly as possible, with no real set day or frequency; there might be one post one week, none the next, then maybe seven the week after. However, if I do plan some sort of hiatus, you all will be informed.

So, if there aren’t any more questions, be sure to buckle up and enjoy the ride. Please, keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.