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Make-it Monday: Decoupage Bookshelf

August 3, 2009



It’s no secret I like crafting and upcycling things, so for the first Make-It Monday, I thought I’d share with you all my decoupage bookcase. The original was a freebie we got from some old neighbours, and it was sitting in the garage holding spare jars and shoes, collecting spiderwebs and a mass amount of dust. It was rather boring, and I wanted something a bit prettier if it was to be worthy of holding most of my books. So, I hopped on down to my not-so-local craft store, picked out some nice fabric and some Mod Podge, and glued (and painted) my way to a nicer bookshelf. 

Also note,that the picture above contains only a modest sample of my collection; at the time of the photo I was still organising and stacking everything in place (and I still continue to do so).

Tutorial can be found here.